Adams Apples Chapter 2 Trailer

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Chapter 2: Twisted Connections

In chapter 2 of Adams Apples, the day starts off rocky for Kukua Adams as she knocks heads with her new boss over her creative prowess; meanwhile Denu takes a firm decision to let go off the past which seem to rock Kukua’s world even harder.

And when Jennifer tries to conclude a house sale with her new young client, things take a dramatic turn, spiraling events out of control and deepening already strained relations with her secretary. An ugly pre-divorce fight ensues between Baaba and her husband which pushes the latter to give Baaba an ultimatum if she has to continue to spend time with their daughter.

A big announcement at a meeting with her colleagues spurs Mrs. Adams on to take bold steps towards her past, soon realizing though that history may have repeated itself. Meanwhile Albert seeks legal advice on how to proceed with his land court case and a worried father welcomes home a distraught daughter, a relationship that is set to change the Adams lives forever. A lot could happen in a day… like the discovery of a new family.

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Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana

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Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana
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Ghana real estate, Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana