Adams Apples Chapter 3 Trailer

Chapter 3: Musical Chairs

All hell breaks loose when the Adams sisters catch their mum and the unassuming teacher, Albert together at a hotel. A while later, Kukua back-to-business, is further heartbroken by Denu and his increasing closeness with the alluring Aseye.

Baaba gets it even worse as she engages in a war of words with Chris at a heated divorce meeting. Could the arrival of a letter have anything to do with her pursuit of a quick divorce? Mrs. Adams’ hands are equally tied when a quiet dinner she’s hosting for Albert is blown out of proportion and ends up in a soiree where the Adams girls paint the town, the mighty Jennifer comes face-to-face with her exsecretary and one unsuspecting young man is lured on his way to a trap that could turn truly deadly.

The storm has come, and it’s not a pretty sight!

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