Adams Apples Chapter 4 Trailer

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Chapter 4: Torn

Five different people dash marathon-style towards an emergency room, one after the other, to open up a new chapter in the busy lives of the Adams.

Jennifer plays the good friend as she accompanies Linda to a doctor’s appointment. She is rewarded with the charming Dr. Nate. Who knows? This gentleman just might be Mr. Right, instead of that school boy whom she believes “seems to have evaporated into thin air.” The vengeful Ivy however teaches Jennifer she might have spoken too soon, when she ambushes her with an unbelievable scandalous story!

An unplanned rendezvous the night before destroys Kukua’s chances with Denu, just as they are about to take the step that could wipe away the past and bring them together for good.

It’s hardly any easier for Mrs. Adams, who struggles with her conscience, at war with all common sense and advice on keeping her long-buried secret hidden. The only one for whom things seem to turn out okay is Baaba, who is working things out with her eager husband. But wait, there’s a new arrival in town- and skeletons might just start falling out of the closet.

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Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana

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Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana
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Ghana real estate, Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana