Adams Apples Chapter 1 – Trailer

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Chapter 1: The Family Ties

Meet the Adams women for the first time in what will be an exciting and unforgettable journey as we turn the chapters in the lives of these dynamic 21st century Ghanaian women.

Jennifer, Baaba and Kukua have a surprise in store for their mother on her birthday but the surprise is almost ruined as Mrs. Adams arrives home with a surprise of her own. Meanwhile, Baaba struggles to forgive her estranged husband for his indiscretions whiles her own tears her apart.

Kukua is faced with a ghost from her past that threatens to destroy her career and expose a secret she’s sacrificed a lot to keep buried. The fiercely independent and strong willed Jennifer drives her assistant to a diabolical plan that could spell her demise and Mrs. Adams gets an education on the rules of dating in modern Ghana, whiles the mystery of a land court case and an unlikely stalker drives a young teacher to seek help for legal action.

Tears, laughter, love and a strong need to succeed drive these women and the men in their lives to seek more from life and each other in this explosive maiden chapter of ‘ADAMS APPLES’.

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Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana

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Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana
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Ghana real estate, Houses for rent, Houses for sale in Ghana